Heavenly Collies

They have been a part of my family... a part of my life. They will never be forgotten....


Random Acres Out For A Spin
Ch. Countryview Screenplay x Random Acres Just Fer Grins
Bred by: Phyllis Autrey
Owned by: Noelle DeMarest & Phyllis Autrey
November 11, 1990-July 28, 1994

Spinner was my first show dog, trusted to a novice by Phyllis Autrey, Random Acres. His show career was not extensive but he did have a 3 point major. His real love was hanging out around his domain and following his wife, Licky. We lost him in a tragic accident, and I don't think I really stopped crying until his half-brother came to live with us. This was a true collie... he is in heaven now with his dad, mom, and sister.


Postmarque Bugle Boy
Ch. Countryview Screenplay x Ch. Sho Me Camelot Secret Storm
Bred by: Don & Jere Lynne Allen
Owned by: Noelle DeMarest

Havana came to me as a two year old after staying with my brother for a year. His arrival filled a big hole for me and for Licky. Very quicky, he became my best friend and proved you don't have to raise them from birth for the bond to be forged. He was sweet, smart, playful and until his last day on earth, gallant. Havana was my heart and my soul. I miss him still...


CH. Schaladon's Liquorice Stix OFA 26G
Ch. Schaladon's Hot Socks x Galloways Nuisance(Ch. Tartanside Apparently daughter)
April 10,1992-August 2003
Bred by: David & Alice Inman
Owned by: Noelle DeMarest

Licky finished her championship before she was eighteen months old handled by her breeder, Alice Inman. While being campaigned, Licky took three majors, at both specialties and all breed shows alike. Frequently, Licky lost the points to her own sister, Ch. Schaladon's Bubble Gum. Licky was the second of three littermates to finish their championship: Ch. Schaladon's Prefered Stock, Licky's brother, rounds out the threesome. Henry was of course an Award of Merit winner under Evelyn Honig at the 1993 CCA National in Kansas City.

After her show career was over, Licky whelped a litter of eight and retired from motherhood. She was always way too busy bossing everyone around to slow down for motherhood again. She ruled the roost with a velvet paw and we never had any fighting when Licky was around. She nibbled on heads and whined and ran her body against her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids and they all did her biding. When she was sick and in her final days, she would stand on the porch and bark, telling her family to check the perimeter. We lost her way too soon to kidney failure and I still miss her. She was the greatest, strongest, and gentlest collie I have ever known.


Cedarchase Scandalous Rumour
Ch. Fantasy's Shining Through x Ch. Schaladon's Liquorice Stix
July 9, 1995- July 27, 2006
Breeder: Noelle DeMarest

Beautiful from birth, Kate is an exquisite combination of her parents. Shown only once, Kate has helped raise all our litters of puppies but never came into a good season to be bred. After years of playing the toy to everyone, she is now the grande dame, still beautiful with an expression to die for and a way of lying about that just screams that she deserves the leisure.

We lost Kate too soon to ALS or Lou Gerig's Disease. She was a grand, little collie. photo courtesy Barbara Kirchner Photography

Kate's Pedigree


Cedarchase Summer Savory
Cedarchase Collective Soul x Cedarchase Kyrie Eleison
August 5, 1997 - November 2009
Breeder: Noelle DeMarest

Kenya was my pick bitch from this outcross. Her natural ears were just what I always dreamed of and just the expression I was breeding for. Unfortunately, due to my own life and work, she did not have any puppies for me to continue with although she did whelp one litter. After Licky, her grandmother, left us, she took over as the boss and without her guidance, I am sure her whole family would be lost! Kenya left us peacefully in her sleep to join her sister who she missed so much.

Kenya's Pedigree


Cedarchase Santoria
Cedarchase Collective Soul x Cedarchase Kyrie Eleison
August 5, 1997 - June 2008
Breeder: Noelle DeMarest

Scarlet, or Ms. Boo as she is known to her friends, was my second pick bitch after she quit looking like a toy poodle as a puppy. Although she is on the small side like Kate, her aunt, and Licky, her grandmother, she makes up for it with her exuberance and loud, piercing bark. She spent her early years escaping out of any enclosure I put her in and barking so much, animal control and I became friends. But after having her debarked and building an impenetrable fence, she is still barking and still trying to get out but my neighbors are happy and animal control hasn't talked to me in years. I love her sable merle coloring and her ears have always been too small and prick and I left them that way to remind myself what I was breeding. Boo gave me one litter and one puppy, Pacey, who is the most challenging collie I have ever owned. And I would expect no less from a son of Boo! We lost Scarlet much too soon to ALS or Lou Gerig's disease. I know the Rainbow Bridge is a huge party now with this happy blonge addition but their gain is our lose. > Scarlet's Pedigree