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Guidelines for Interested Adopters
At Cedarchase, we take the responsibility of breeding very seriously. We do not breed often, so when we do, a great deal of thought goes into selecting the sire and dam with regard to temperament, health, and adherence to the collie standard. Kate and Devin
We firmly believe in the motto "Do no harm," and remind ourselves daily that what we breed today will affect the collie of tomorrow. With that in mind, we are looking for puppy buyers who are as serious about adopting one of our collies as we are about producing them. Our companion/pet puppies and adults are only placed on limited registration when available and with a spay/neuter clause in the contract. Although we will always take our collies back at any time for any reason, we are looking for people who understand that adopting a puppy or adult may be a 12-14 year commitment.

For information on older puppies or adults we may have available, please check out our available page. To contact us for further information about upcoming litters, individual dogs, or to see a copy of our contract, please e-mail us at: