First Champion

Having found success using a handler to show Spinner, I began to exclusively use Alice Inman to exhibit my dog. While visiting her home which was in Frisco Texas then, she and her husband David shared their new five week old litter with me. In the litter were five pups, three smooth and two rough. I had never been exposed to smooths before joining the collie club but I found them intriguing. Smooths left no room for error in body structure and in the back of my mind I had already begun to contemplate getting a great smoothie to breed for sound roughs. Alice and David were willing to sell me one of the girls and I went home to figure out which one I was interested in.

I really wanted a tri girl but I also liked the sables. The tri girl was a smooth and at her first match, she was the only one of her littermates that would walk around the ring and actually wandered into the adjacent ring full of adult Siberians without an ounce of fear. I adored her! She came home to my house at five months and promptly crowned herself queen of dogs and cats and frankly the neighborhood.

Licky was an extraordinary dog. She wasnít very big and she could be silly but she also had a presence that could not be denied. She finished her championship before she was eighteen months old with three majors and took many reserves to her own sister. Ultimately three puppies finished from her litter. When she came home I hoped to breed her but she missed the first time so I began the wait for her next season.

While Licky was busy showing I came to the conclusion after many shows and no more points that Spinner was just happier at home. He didnít like shows and he just did not seem happy so he retired. Then when Spinnerís tri rough half brother became available, I purchased him and he went to live with my brother. Havana was a beautiful dog and excelled in places that Spinner was weak.

Tragically, Spinner was killed in an accident and my brother sent Havana home to live with me. Although he couldnít take Spinnerís place, Havana helped me over the mourning. Havana did not like showing any more than his brother had and after a few shows I brought him home to stay. But I couldnít wait to have a few bitches to breed to him!

Not wanting to use Havana for Lickyís next breeding because it would be an all tri litter, I chose a beautiful rough Champion sable merle to breed Licky to. While waiting to see if we would indeed be having our first litter, I brought home a beautiful rough sable bitch sired by Lickyís brother Henry and out of a champion rough Marnus bitch, with plans to breed her to Havana in the future. Lana was a cutie and had a bouncy sweet temperament. By mid June of 1995, it became obvious Lickyís breeding took and I watched her get bigger and bigger. Finally, my dreams were going to come true and I would be a breeder of collies.